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2nd chance Made in Carcere

2nd chance Made in Carcere
MadeinCarcere (MadeinJail) is now a brand that was born inside a women’s prison in Borgo San Nicola, Lecce. They ideate, research and create eco-friendly products.
These products are made by women marginalized from society because of their condition of detention. They go beyond just learning a job, they build up their path back to the real world.

So far we sold over 100k Shopping Bags, produced in Salento (Puglia) from wastes and exported in all the world (Milan, New York, Stuttgart, London, Sofia, etc.) in order to spread an important message with creativity: the philosophy of second chance, both to the (ex)prisoners and to the wastes.

A new model of sustainable development, so to be on the market and into society in a responsible way, providing an added value to the whole community.

The aim is to make a simple bag a symbol and a proof of the possibility to create sustainable development, fighting plastic consumption and encouraging the use of wastes for up-cycling.

2nd chance Made in Carcere

Beneficiaries of the project:
Women, people with economic obstacles, (ex)offender, (ex)drug addicts

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What people say

"Giving these people a second chance to make a living after a trouble past, doing something eco-sustainable, that’s the way to feel good with yourself and others."