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Basket Beat

Basket Beat Created in 2009 and constituted as an association in 2015, Basket Beat is a methodology created by Josep María Aragay (social educator and music therapist) which uses the basketball ball, body, and game in order to permit the access for disfavoured groups to quality artistic experiences and life skills training with a critical, political, activist and professional view of social transformation.

Basket Beat has also a form of an artistic project on tour: the Big Band Beat Basket Barcelona, with a singular professional orchestra engine whose rhythm and sound are generated by basketballs and where collective paths merge vulnerable and professional artists.

Currently, the project works regularly with the Department of Justice of the Generalitat de Catalunya and the city of Hospitalet; Ateneu Sant Roc, the Camí Nou Foundation; Circus School Ateneu 9 Barris; Somnis the foundation Sea and Xamfra project (among others); institutes and schools Prat 1 Mestre Morera, Miquel Tarradell, Manuel de Montsuar, etc. In short, more than 13 weekly workshops that are regularly attended by nearly two hundred participants.

In the same way, the project is positioned in the academic domain, in a research group of the Faculty Pere Tarres Ramón Llull University; being collaborators of the Masters of Art and Music Therapy Mediation of University of Barcelona; as well as teachers of social races Paris-Est Créteil Val-de-Marne University (France) and Nordhausen (Germany).

The association regularly participates in conferences such as the "Fourth Conference on Social Inclusion and Education in the Performing Arts" in Madrid; the "VI National Congress of Social Education" in Valencia; the "XIX Latin American Seminar on Music Education" in Montevideo; the "ISME 2014 World Conference on Music Education "in Porto Alegre; or the "International Community Arts Festival" in Rotterdam or Mexe; 2015: International Art III Encontro e Comunidade in Porto.

Basket Beat Beneficiaries of the project:
Disadvantaged groups, mainly young people

Project promoter:
Basket Beat Asociation, created by the social educator Josep María Aragay.


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What people say

"In those few hours I smiled as a child creating sounds that were recorded in my heart [...] Every bounce ball remembered my childhood and adolescence.”
Melissa Villegas, a psychologist and actress in "Paths of Hope
Association Mothers of the Candelaria" in Medellín.

"Participants learn to focus, strengthen their senses and their coordination, experience their body awareness, [...] develop their creative potential and stimulate their memory."
Michelle Fisher, head of "Project Youth of the Diocese" in Quibdó.