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Care For Disabled Persons’ Suitable And Stimulated Future

Care For Disabled Persons’ Suitable And Stimulated Future Project Goal:
The project aimed to improve service provided by region’s Day Center, increase disabled children’s motivation and self-appraisal and inform society about their abilities and needs.

Project implementation period: 15.02.2016 - 31.05.2016

Donor: World bank; People In Need (PIN)

Disabled children’s Day Center “Imedis Skhivi” (Ray of Hope) (located in Terjola, Imereti region) was selected under the project. The center is financed only by the state voucher system and daily provide service to 14 children from Terjola municipality.

We learned Day Center’s services, needs and found out following issues: The center found it difficult to conduct the therapeutic and recreational activities, because they did not have a proper inventory; the center did not have a suitable office equipment and thereby had troubles in administration work; Furniture was outdated. Also, we learned needs of center’s beneficiaries individually.

Thereby, art activities took place in the Day Center. Children made various products from the different fields of art. Afterwards, all of them were awarded by thematic gifts: Embroidery threads, paints, colored pencils, brushes, decorative clay, drawing large-format notebooks. We gave voice books as a gift to child with cerebral palsy.

Care For Disabled Persons’ Suitable And Stimulated Future
Before beginning of the project we had an information about Geluka Buighlishvili, 16 years older boy with disabilities who is writer and lives in the village Nakhsirghele, Terjola municipality. Under this project we met Geluka, collected his writings, published the book and made its presentation.

All project activities were attended by representatives of central and local governments, local entrepreneurs, representatives of schools and kindergartens and other stakeholders.

Project results:
Quality of therapeutic and recreational service is improved in the Day Center “Imedis Skhivi”; Massage service is started; Quality of administration work is improved thanks to the suitable office equipment, now the center has direct and immediate contact with the ministry of health; Part of furniture is renewed; Now, children are able to create various art products and make the regular exhibitions.
We got guarantees from the local authorities to start renovation of Day Center and equip it with all needed technics and inventories.
Geluka BuiRlishvilis’s book has been spread through the schools and libraries of different municipalities. Now, he is often invited to the different events and has new proposals in his work.
Businessmen who attended our activities promised us that they will make environment in their factories suitable for persons with disabilities. This project was a good example and such kind of activities are being developed more and more.

Care For Disabled Persons’ Suitable And Stimulated Future

Beneficiaries of the project:
Children with disabilities

Project promoter:
Step Tkibuli (ნაბიჯი ტყიბული)