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Our refugees – Sun in the hand
CheForAfrica is a project aimed to promote the inclusion of young migrants in socio-economic life in Italy. It is composed of two parts: the job inclusion, realized in partnership with restaurants and pizzerias, and the social inclusion part, realized with the involvement of Destino Benin volunteer and the interested citizens.

The project allows the training of two young refugees in the field of gourmet kitchen, with the aim of becoming gourmet chefs. Now they have a contract with the restaurant L' A Gourmet and continue their professional experience in an inclusive and non-discriminatory environment.

Our refugees – Sun in the hand
Beneficiaries of the project:

Project promoter:
L'A Gourmet di Filippo Cogliandro

Reggio Calabria

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What people say

"Small private fund and volunteering can change two people's life perspectives really quickly. Having the feeling to have contributed to increase other's life conditions make an inner difference."
project manager