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Child Care Program

Child Care Program Goal of the project:
    • Day centers: Educational, psychological, social and base support of children, whose families are involved in poverty program
  • Small family houses: To support improvement of alternative forms of child care

  • Project implementation period:
    • Day Centers from 1997 to present
  • Small Family houses from 2011 to present

  • Child Care Program
    Society Biliki is service provider organization in Shida Kartli. Organization implements Child Care Program, donor Ministry of Labor, Health and Social Affairs of Georgia. The project is financed by voucher system. Program includes two projects: Two Day Centers and three Small family houses (one in Gori two in Khashuri).

    Child care program is oriented for children’s welfare, to provide them with needed and proper service. Day Center’s main activities are: food service, formal and non-formal education, handicraft studio, summer camps.

    In small family houses there is 24 hour care system. There are 30 children in three houses. Each house has one leader and four care taker. Children are provided with the service they are in need.

    Project results:
    • Day Centers: Providing 60 beneficiaries with different services. The condition of families that are in crisis is reduced. Child abandon is reduced.
  • Small family houses: About 30 children are providing with different services and are living in three small family houses. The result is increased number of children reintegrated in the families, adopted and they are prepared for independent life.

  • Child Care Program

    Beneficiaries of the project:
    Children whose families are involved in poverty program.

    Project promoter:
    Society Biliki (საზოგადოება ბილიკი)
    Khashuri and Gori

    More information:

    What people say

    " The program is very important for the children of low income families. Though our projects are not enough to cover all kinds of their needs; that is why civic society should become more active and have high social responsibility to support vulnerable people. "
    Khvicha Pososhvili,, Child Care Program Manager