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CLOSER - Training Course
A space for a dialogue, improving strategies, sharing and developing social inclusion practices

3 - 7 October 2016 - Marseilles, France
The CLOSER project consortium invites you to take part in the training course Rethinking Social Inclusion on 3 -7 October 2016 in Marseilles, France.

The goal of the training is to improve skills of people working in social inclusion,share good practice and generate new ideas on activities in social inclusion. The training will create a space for a dialogue, improve strategies, share and develop social inclusion practices.

The programme of the training will focus on these specific areas of skills and competences which were defined by the project partners on the base of surveys implemented in all partner countries:
1. Social inclusion strategies and policies
2. Marketing, campaigning and advocacy skills
3. Conflict management and negotiation skills

The participants should come from France, Georgia, Italy, Slovakia or Spain and have a proven experience in social inclusion as:
    • Youth leaders;
  • Youth workers;
  • Social workers;
  • Professionals;
  • Volunteers.

  • All participation costs will be covered by the project.


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