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DOMEC – day low-treshold shelter

DOMEC – day lowtreshold shelter In Bratislava, approximately 4000 people are homeless. During the day, they have almost no chance to find some form of professional support. Most of them lack ID, documents, so they remain without a chance to find a job.

We are trying to change this situation in our DOMEC. Homeless people find here an opportunity to spend the day in a meaningful way.

DOMEC provides them social guidance, food, shower, clean clothes and human approach. Our main idea is to provide homeless people new meaning in life. But this may happen only when they start working. The opportunity to start working again, find accommodation and make it a sustainable achievement is one of the main aims of DOMEC.
Services provided and main activities of the project are:
    • basic life needs (cleanliness, breakfast)
  • social assistance
  • preparation for work and job-seeking assistance
  • social therapy sessions.

  • There are 1725 registered clients. Daily attendance is approx. 80 people. DOMEC helped 3 homeless people with a job in a social café, 12 people in public cleaning.

    The project integrates services from ground-level street work to day shelter and integration centre and a social café employing formerly homeless people.
    It involves community organizing with neighborhood initiatives and volunteers - bookclubs, events, street food cooking and co-operation with food security projects on community gardening, as well as active lobbying and participation to public policy-making.
    DOMEC – day lowtreshold shelter
    Active public relations through public oriented events help drive awareness of the homeless issues and lack of funding from municipality and local government.

    The project budget is based on contributions of a municipal and regional government and active fund-raising from small donors and corporate grants.

    Beneficiaries of the project:
    Homeless people.
    Clientele includes 18-30 year olds, mostly with addictions to alcohol and drugs, mental health issues and from orphanages.
    Young people serving as volunteers are recruited from the University students in Social Work and related fields of study. Furthermore, summer internships are available and a co-operation with Bratislava Volunteering Centre.

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    What people say

    "Domec gave me an opportunity to practice art therapy on regular sessions with homeless people."
    Patricia, 23, university student

    “Our system is not set up as a staircase where homeless people could progress from one step to another. We’re trying to work on all levels of homelessness.”
    Petra, 27, project coordinator

    "In our work, what I like is, that we care about the individual approach to clients despite all the obstacles."
    Adriana, 45, social worker

    "Thanks to Domec I have a job, an accommodation and can pay my rent. I’ve passed through all forms of their work from street work, integration centre and I’m working at the café now."
    Slavo, 34, waiter