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English Access Microscholarship Programme

English Access Microscholarship Programme The governmental programme “Civic service” offers an opportunity of volunteering for young people between 18 to 25 years in order to allow them to identify and develop a personal project as well as some soft skills and technical skills that can be useful for their professional path. Civic service is supposed to be accessible to all, yet it requires a lot of autonomy, and self-confidence. Some young people need to be offered the opportunity of a civic service along with a specific tutoring and frameworks in order to make the most of their volunteering experience.

The 9-month Access programme combines a community-based service volunteer program (16 hours per week) and English classes (10 hours per week) in a very pragmatic and motivating way in 2016-17. This training leads to a one-month immersive experience in the U.S.A. The participants are brought to a mix of theory and practice, they learn in a combined formal and informal way to get the most benefits from their experience.

English Access Microscholarship Programme - Exhibition and meeting with the photographer Sandra Calligaro
Plan of the programme:
November 4–6, 2016: introductory period (team building)

From November 9, 2016:
    • English classes (10 hours/week) will take place at CRIJ (Youth Regional Information Center) where the participants have free access to computers and Internet;
  • Voluntary service in the community (16 hours/week)
  • Various activities linked with the American culture, such as, film, theater, artistic events.

  • Beneficiaries of the project:
    18 young people aged 16-20 years old, who have dropped out of school and are living in sensible areas of Marseille.

    Project promoter:
    Eurocircle, a European NGO since 2006, was founded in 1993 in Berlin. It develops and carries out transnational projects, specialized in the international mobility of young people. These projects are designed to foster the European citizenship based on the values of inter-cultural tolerance, equality, peace, ecology and solidarity.
    English Access Microscholarship Programme - Artistic wander around downtown MarseilleThe project is co-funded by the American Consulate in Marseille (the English part of the programme) and the Préfecture of Marseille and surroundings (the civic service).


    More information:

    What people say

    “ACCESS is a means for our target group to develop English skills along with social, civic and team work skills. The goal is to have them do, experiment, see something different from their routine, and to give them some basic skills in English. The civic service is a way to develop some professional skills, to make a first step into the labor market and to help them integrate better by starting a professional network.”
    Helene, Access Project Manager

    “I loved the movie. I wish I had it to watch it again”
    Elodie, 16 years old Access student
    Movie: “Dawn by law”, Jim Jarmush, 1986

    “I liked this walk, because I like absurd humor and M. Gallowas really passionate by his story. It was really fun and I’m pretty happy to remember his story when I walk across the neighborhood of the Bernardines”
    Solenn, 20 years old Access student
    Artistic wander around downtown Marseilles

    “Yesterday we were with Jean Michel Dissard at the museum of History of Marseille. Jean-Michel is the filmmaker of the documentary film: “I learn America“. We were around a table to discuss about the film. I realized that I have the same story than one of the teenager in the movie: Brandon. When he was a child his mother left him in Guatemala to go to America. After he crossed the desert to see his mother again.”
    Mathilde, 20 years old Access student
    Meeting with Jean-Michel Dissard Film Director and David, photographer