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Fenêtres: a support based on dedication to self-expression, creativity and active citizenship

The objective of the project is to allow young people to be actors of their own education, to enable them to face the current social context with curiosity, critical thinking, and civic involvement.
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The project has three main areas of intervention:
    • Motivational / Rallying action via creative, artistic and active citizenship related workshops;
  • Geographical mobility action at the international scale;
  • Inclusion action via preparations to employement and a better access to accomodation.

  • These three areas are transversal and include a wide range of processes of action.

    The projects promotes non-formal education pedagogy and active participation methods to:
    • Offer a range of motivational workshops to develop social encounters and exchanges and enhance self-esteem;
  • Offer European mobility programmes to young people and youth workers;
  • Provide the targeted public with individual support to increase their employability;
  • Promote the actions and opportunities via a Facebook page and website to allow individual documenting and to trigger collective involvement in sustaining the community spirit in the Western Lyon.
  • English Access Microscholarship Programme

    Beneficiaries of the project:
    Young people from 16 to 25 years old.

    Project promoter:
    Association FenêtreS (“WindowS Organisation”) works in a close relationship with “Les refuges d’enfants” and organisation of retired volunteers providing young people with extra tutoring or support to find an internship/a job. Association FenêtreS also collaborates with a variety of local small organisations of young people, retired people, youth workers and independant artists for the puroposes of local networking and an intergenerational exchange..
    English Access Microscholarship Programme

    Ouest Lyonnais / Western region of Lyon

    More information:

    The project has also Android and Iphone applications.

    English Access Microscholarship Programme

    What people say

    “Why this project? Because regaining self esteem leads to self confidence, because mobility causes encounters, exchanges and alterity. Because inclusion must take into account a necessary preparation to the job market and social integration. From becoming oneself to becoming free, for everyone to find a rightful place in society, in Europe, in the world.”
    Frédéric Weber, president of Association FenêtreS