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Fuori Tratta

Fuori Tratta
The main goal of the project is to guarantee an assistance and integration path in favor of the victims of sexual violence and exploitation. Beneficiaries of the project are men, women and transsexuals, adults and minors, foreigners and locals. We support the State in providing programs and services such as housing and shelter, health care, psychological and legal assistance, mediation and facilitation to obtain residency permit, education, employment orientation and social guidance. All activities foresee the involvement of linguistic mediators and experienced operators, in order to strengthen trust and understanding-based relationships with beneficiaries.

Fuori Tratta
Beneficiaries of the project:
Women, migrants, other

Project promoter:
Dipartimento Pari Opportunità, Regione Campania, Comuni, Prefetture, Questure, ASL, Altri enti gestori di progetti ex art.18 e/o ex art.13 in tutto il territorio nazionale, Associazioni e Cooperative sociali a livello locale e nazionale


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What people say

"That’s a project that goes on since 15 years already. It’s hard to choose a memory or to add any specific comments. For sure is the fact that having the feeling to contribute for the wellness of other people enriches your hearth."