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Ibilki is an inclusive mountaineering project that innovates by bringing together mountaineering literature, sports, painting and social inclusion. The project includes activities in the natural environment, to facilitate access (with all the guarantees of security) to people who wish to enjoy the countryside and mountains. It promotes a healthy and inclusive way of life where people develop social and cooperative values. Its goal is to eliminate all physical barriers for people with disabilities for access to the natural environment, promoting healthy new interests and hobbies, living new experiences and interacting directly with the natural environment. As well as the awareness to issues of social inclusion related to different groups of people.

Inclusive mountaineering association IBILKI has won the 1st Competition of sustainable local initiatives that contribute to sustainable development. The contest, promoted by UNESCO Etxea with the support of the Basque Agency for Cooperation for Development, rewards the best project that from the local level contributes to the new World Sustainable Development Agenda 2030.

With their work, Ibilki contributes to Objective 3 of Health and Welfare and Objective 10 of Reduction of Inequalities. For these reasons, and after a phase of popular vote via the competition?s website, Etxea, the expert jury appointed by UNESCO, has determined that this initiative is the best among the participants in the contest. The jury was composed of people recognized in the field of sustainability, communication, gender equality, environment and education.

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Beneficiaries of the project:
Groups of homeless, immigrants and people with disabilities

Project promoter:
Ibilki/ Walking is a nonprofit organization formed by qualified mountain guides offering cultural and social integration in the mountain.

Guecho, (Biscay) Basque Provinces

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What people say

"We promote a healthy and inclusive way of life in which people develop social and cooperative values."

"Ibilki contributes to the development of health and well-being of people as well as reducing inequality between them."
Team Ibilki mountain guides