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La Finestra Inclusiva

“Finestra Inclusiva" is a socio-educational intervention in which the Social Circus youth at risk of exclusion and people with intellectual disabilities have created a circus show.
The circus has served as a tool for strengthening personal and social skills that contribute to personal development.
The project involved 4 associations: Alter Valencia, Cambra Association, Acollida-Iniciatives Solidaries, Alanna-Day Centre Malvarrosa.

Suited in depth Each partnership created a group of young people with different profiles who received basic training in circus skills, and then they created individual, pair and group shows.
The show was presented in March 2014 at the Teatro Escalante. The project continued with two transnational exchanges with the Compagnia Elefanti, a partner organization of the project, which organized a joint show of young people from Valencia and Naples in July and October 2014.
The project La Finestra Nou Circ introduced the social circus as a working tool in the social field and youth in Valencia.

In the first part of this initiative, 20 different artists taught circus skills sessions to fifty people from associations of people at risk of exclusion: Alter Valencia, Solidaries Initiatives, La Cambra Association and Alanna Association.

After the Fallas festival, the association made a selection between 12 and 15 participants in the project to travel to Naples, where a similar association made a joint show with Alter Valencia at a festival.
Subsequently, in October 2014, the third phase of the initiative, the association of Naples travelled to Valencia to participate in workshops and other activities during the Circus Festival that was held during the festival of Valencia neighborhood of Patraix.

Suited in depth Beneficiaries of the project:
15 young people from 5 associations of groups at risk of social exclusion (former prisoners, Romanies, former drug addicts, disabled and refugee children)

Project promoter:
La Finestra Nou Circ.


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What people say

“This is the circus that gives them an opportunity to express their cultural interests, grow emotionally and develop their skills"
Cesar García, president of the La Finestra Nou Circ association

"The fantasy literature is very appealing for kids between 13 and 14 years. But the best of this proposal is that it has managed to add a touch of magic and humor, making teens find many elements of enjoyment in every scene. "
Vicent Vila, director of Centre Teatral Escalante