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The youth initiative “Le melodie del silenzio” lasted 11 months and it took place in Enna between 1st of May 2012 and 1st of april 2013. The themes of the project are art and culture and disability. In particular, the project focused on deafness and art like a mean of communication. The project involved also deaf people in order to foster the understanding and tollerance about this kind of diversity. We planned to involve in different phases with different methods, 250 young people.

The project aim was to create, develop and play and artistic performance with 3 different technics: percussion, poetry in the sign language and mime. Three phases of the project were foreseen: the first to coordinate the group, the second to do workshops and the last to organize and play the performance

In all steps deaf and hearing people were involved at the same time and both will benefit the final performance. The aim was to connect the two worlds in order to include people with fewer opportunity, know better the deaf world and foster the participation of young people.

Beneficiaries of the project:
Citizens, people with disability, health problems

Project promoter:
Ente Nazionale Sordi - sezione di Enna


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What people say

"A very emotional path. There were some moments in which it was hard to keep the focus of such a varios group, young and adult, disable and not disable, with cultural and social obstacles. It was very nice to work together to solve problems and strenghten the group."