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Learn more – Plan future!

Learn more – Plan future! Goal of the project:
Support youth to become active citizens through non-formal education in Terjola municipality.
It is worth to underline that majority of target group youngsters had a very low accessibility to the non-formal education, because their dwelling places are located far from the municipality administrative center (Terjola).
Thereby, they were less informed about the ongoing youth activities and were note involved in the trainings, youth clubs and etc. organized by the Terjola Youth Center. Also, they had less opportunity to involve in the non-formal education on the national level, because of their less accessibility to the internet and thereby to the information.

Donor: World Bank
Implementation period: 15.02.2016 – 30.05.2016

In order to overcome the above mentioned problems, to increase marginalized youngsters’ involvement in youth activities and support them to become active citizens of society, the following activities were carried out by the project:
    • 1. Establish the project working group.
  • 2. Training course for high school students on the following themes: a) citizenship, self-government, children rights. b) Environment protection, Entrepreneurship, agriculture and tourism c) Analytical, technological, information and scientific competences, social media and journalism.
  • 3. Youth Camp in Bakuriani: two youth camp with 5 days duration were held and total number of campers consists of 38 youngsters. The camps included the following activities:
    Practical activities: youngsters visited Borjomi municipality council, Borjomi-Kharagauli national park and Borjomi TV.
    Camp evening sessions: Cognitive-entertainment games were held in each evening on the following themes: leadership, active citizenship, abstract thinking, set the goal and self-development.
  • 4. During the camp youngsters developed the action plan for 2016 that will be implemented independently by themselves under the project organizers’ supervision and support.
  • 5. Information campaign: information about the each activity of the project were regularly spread through social media pages of TDDF and Terjola Youth Center and were broadcasted by local and regional media.

  • Learn more – Plan future!
    Project results:
    Thanks to the project youngsters got informed about the non-formal education activities, included: Peace Corp’s activities, programs of the ministry of sport and youth affairs and other ongoing activities and programs. Furthermore, project participant youngsters were registered in the database of Terjola Youth Center and now the will be informed in advance with Center’s activities and events and Terjola Youth Center will care of their active involvement and participation. Majority of these youngsters are already actively involved in the Center’s activities. In addition, the Facebook group – “Non-formal education – road to future” is created, where the project organizers inform youngsters with different activities and events. Youngsters spread information about their involvement in various activities through this group. FB group will also serve to support implementation of action plan 2016.

    Learn more – Plan future!

    Project concrete outcomes:
    • 11 person took part in the project working group (7 was planned)
  • More than 7000 were informed about the project (500 was anticipated)
  • 114 applied for the training course (100 was anticipated)
  • 60 youngsters took part in the training course
  • 38 youngsters took part in the camp

  • Beneficiaries of the project:
    High school students from rural areas

    Project promoter:
    Tkibuli District Development Fund (TDDF) („ტყიბულის რაიონის განვითარების ფონდი TDDF)


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    What people say

    "We acknowledge that non-formal education is very important for development and future planning, this is why we organized the serial of sessions and camp for Terjola youth to improve their social skills and prepare them for challenge that life brings."
    Zaza Gochelashvili , Project Manager

    "The five days I spent in Bakuriani is one of the most memorable and important events of my life. During these five days I learned many innovative things, took the first few steps towards independence, and become more confident and motivated. I gained many interesting, diverse and fun friends (including the staff), I learned how to write a project, improved my English skills and many more."
    Nodiko Abuladze , Camper

    "Those days were unforgettable experience and really educational for me. This camp taught me how to be more independent and showed me the life from the different views. This 5 days gave me the motivation to make deeper knowledge and to make wider our possibilities."
    Natia Sapanadze , Camper

    "The days I spent in the camp were one of the best in my life. The knowledge and an experience that I got here helped me to self-development. It also increased my communication skills and possibilities to make new friendship. The main point of this is that we will stay in touch. Therefore I am really thankful to world’s bank and project organizers. I am happy to have a chance to continue cooperation with my new friends from the camp. We are going to participate together in the planned projects."
    Mari Bregvadze , Camper