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Lend a hand to a local. Rome

Lend a hand to a local. Rome
This Nove Onlus project gives a helping hand to struggling Italians, including among them the new poor: individuals and families affected by the economic crisis and unemployment. Silent victims, who do not beg, whose stories do not make headline news, who are just trying to survive without losing their dignity.

The project provides emergency assistance, and ongoing support for social integration and the achievement of economic independence. The methods and aims have been identified in collaboration with institutions and organizations deeply rooted in their local community. This project uses an innovative formula through which donors can contact the beneficiaries directly, helping to build solidarity, a sense of community, and a relationship that goes beyond traditional models. Anyone wishing to offer their support anonymously can do so through Nove Onlus.

The project sprang into action in March 2016. The first cases were aimed at supporting vulnerable families, and included financial support to cover unpaid bills, rent, insalubrious home renovations, training opportunities and transport to help develop work. ‘Lend a hand to a local. Rome is the pilot phase of an initiative that Nove Onlus intends to extend gradually across other Italian towns and regions.

Lend a hand to a local. Rome
Beneficiaries of the project:
Citizens, people with economic obstacles

Project promoter:
Rome Thirteenth Municipality; Caritas (San Romano Martire Church); SGB Humangest Holding; Community of Sant’Egidio; , Ronda della solidarieta Roma Onlus


More information:

What people say

"It’s amazing to see how your work can change people’s lives. Once when we communicated to a woman that we were about to support her financially to pay her bills and rent she realizes that at last someone could care of her."