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Lorca Libre

Suited in depth The Lorca Libre project took place in Lorca, where for 17 months (May 2014 - September 2015) 6 Institutes of Lorca (30 lessons Institute) and young people from different social backgrounds worked together to sensitize on the subject of the invisible racism. The institutes encouraged these young people to share their concerns and views with other young people "different" from them. Common spaces were created, where they could learn together and leave behind prejudices and urban ghettos where they were hiding so far. They were motivated and taught to actively participate in the society and get rid of any kind of violence. Together, they did activities, made decisions and planned outreach activities for other young people.

The project had several stages – first, the real problem of the invisible racism among young people was analysed, definitions and methods to combat these forms of violence identified. Then, the young people were trained to learn about the invisible racism and different methodologies, based on principles of non-formal education so that they could conduct workshops in 5 schools.

Suited in depth During summer months, 150 young people participated in 3 meetings, where they learnt more about racism and other everyday issues that concern young people. At the end, spaces free from racism within the institutes of Lorca were created.

The innovative aspect of the project represents the training of young people about the "invisible" racism and making them trainers of other young people from social environments with greater risks of exclusion.

The project involved young people from institutes of Lorca from different social environments and experts on the issue of the prevention of racism.

Suited in depth
Beneficiaries of the project:
Young people from the Institutes of Lorca and different social environments (ethnic minorities, immigrants, Spanish, etc.)

Project promoter:
Cazalla Intercultural


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What people say

“Thanks to this experience and to the various activities of coexistence and training in which youngsters and educators have participate, it has been posible to work on the elimination of prejudices and to highlight the diferences in a positive manner.”
Francisco Sánchez, General Director of Juventud,
Comunidad Autónoma de la región de Murcia

“...from the Comunidad Autónoma we work jointly with the ayuntamientos, associations and social organizations to promote positive values within youth and encourage a more important social participation, as the “Lorca Libre” iniciative which has just finish”.
Francisco Sánchez, General Director of Juventud,
Comunidad Autónoma de la región de Murcia