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Low-treshold programme

The Street Youth provides services through outreach work directly in the socially disadvantaged areas and also in low-threshold clubs.

Activities include:
  • leisure activities: sports, games, workshops, trips, competitions, etc. These activities serve as a means of creating and building relationships with clients and open the way to effective assistance and quality contact work;
  • social services: social counseling, crisis intervention and situational, career counseling, social assistance, distribution to other professionals;
  • assistance with homeworks, educational training skills;
  • preschool education: working with mothers and children under 6 years;
  • developing life and social skills;
  • specific prevention programs.

  • Through the projects in diffrerent locations, the association creates a safe space for leisure and offers help and support for coping with everyday situations. It offers leisure activities (social and group games, creative workshops, sports activities, books, movies, ping-pong, table football ...), social support (social counseling, situational intervention, distribution to other professionals, career counseling), tutoring, social skills development and specific prevention programs with an emphasis on individuality and needs of each child. The goal is to improve the quality of life of children and young people and create an environment for development of their ideas and dreams.

    Beneficiaries of the project:
    Children and young peoplen from socailly disadvanteged environment in Bratislava, families and community

    Project promoter:
    Mládež ulice (Street Youth) is a civic association more than 12 years dedicated to working with children and young people in their natural environment through low-threshold activies, mainly in disadvantaged parts of the capital city.


    More information:

    What people say

    “We see the uniqueness, we support changes, we accompany throughout life and help to grow - these are the cornerstones of our work, which we rely on every day”.