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English Access Microscholarship Programme MentorPower is a strategic partnership project for the empowerment and social integration of migrant youth by facilitating their integration into the labor market using engagement mentoring. The partnership brings together 6 organizations working in the field of youth to develop and pilot an innovative and sustainable engagement mentoring model for 16-25 years-old migrant youth within a period of two years.

The project activities are built upon the development of three major outputs:
1. Best Practices Report, which will constitute the basis upon which an engagement mentoring model oriented at migrant youth can be built (in English, electronic and printed copies);
2. Guidebook for the Integration of Migrant Youth into Society (in 6 languages, electronic and printed copies);
3. Policy Recommendation Booklets for advocacy purposes (5 different sets of booklets, each set consisting of the related partner’s language and the English translation)

    • The transversal skills of the migrant youth will be improved, including critical thinking, problem solving, leadership and collaborative learning; they will receive career guidance and advice in the field of their interest; they will build connections in the sector of their interest; and will improve their ICT skills by communicating and interacting with their mentors and other mentees using online tools;
  • The participating adults will gain skills for working with migrant youth, including tutoring and teaching skills, modeling skills, problem solving skills, active and non-judgmental listening skills, and conflict resolution skills; and will develop a stronger sense of social responsibility and feel further committed to volunteerism;
  • The participant organizations will develop their capacity in implementing engagement mentoring programs with migrant youth, as well issues such as project implementation, international cooperation, strategic development, and internationalization;
  • The youth workers will gain the necessary skills and be introduced to the necessary tools that will enable them to implement the engagement mentoring model proposed in the project;
  • Public authorities will get an increased understanding of the problems and needs of the migrant youth regarding integration into the labor market; will have the opportunity to contribute to the development of the model, which will ensure an easier adaptation of the model by the public authorities if they want to implement the model in the future.

  • English Access Microscholarship Programme - Exhibition and meeting with the photographer Sandra Calligaro Beneficiaries of the project:
    Young people from migrant communities (16-25 years old)

    Project promoter:
    Pistes Solidaires Méditerranée, educative mobility operator located in Marseille, along with partner organisations in Greece, Norway, Spain, Switezerland and Turkey
    Marseille, France

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