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Mountaineers without Barriers

Mountaineers without Barriers The project Mountaineers without Barriers started seven years ago in the sports and social field, promoting through its activities in mountains and natural environment the social inclusion of athletes with different physical, sensory and intellectual abilities as well as specific and continuous training guides, volunteers and athletes related to these capabilities in addition to an annual program of activities for children with or without disabilities and their families.

In order to develop the project, an annual program of activities aimed at two groups is performed, depending on the possibilities of children, fulfilling the premise of "MOUNTAIN AND ACTIVITIES FOR ALL”. Social action group is formed by athletes of all ages and abilities, and our volunteer guides. Multidisciplinary activities of this group are characterized by being very accessible to any participant, including visits to interpretation centers, workshops, climbing, mycological, camping, or simple trekking, games, etc.

Mountaineers without Barriers These activities are always made in touch with nature, as well as training courses in "cognitive performance and protocols" and technical guidance of athletes in natural environment, they are part of the content of its annual plan. High Mountain team, consisting of tour guides, is formed by volunteers as well as mountain climbers with different physical, sensory and intellectual abilities.

The project includes a comprehensive program of training and physical preparation that allows mountaineering activities on recognized national and international level.

Mountaineers without Barriers Beneficiaries of the project:
People with disabilities. Likewise, and for two years two young alpinists with different intellectual capacities have been integrated, developing an innovative preparation that will mark a reference in this area.
For the development of the annual program of activities,
the club divides in a group of Social Action and a group of High Mountain. These activities rebound in more than 100 children and families besides the sportsmen that increasingly join the mountain team.

Project promoter:
Sporting Club Mountainers without Barriers

Guadarrama, Madrid

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What people say

“The Montaneros Sin Barreras project supposed, 8 years ago, the beginning. It is an integrative project, a project with which we intend to bring the world of mountain and nature to all kind of individuals with disability, whether this are sensory, intellectual, physical; especially to children. We intend to reach this integration making activities with them. I also created a high mountain team, and since a year and a half ago we already fulfilled the objective, which is nothing else than the inclusion. For this goal, more than 15 disabled sportsmen have climbed McKinley, Aconcagua, Cho Oyu, Elbrus, Naranjo de Bulnes, Aguille du Midi… For example, I will start soon doing high mountain activities as another alpinist, independent”.
Miguel Ángel Gavilán