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New Volunteers

New Volunteers New volunteers is a project created by Down Lleida in 2007 to promote volunteerism among people with Down syndrome and/or intellectual disability. The project changes the traditional concept of volunteerism in the field of disability, where the people themselves with Down syndrome or intellectual disabilities perform voluntary action for the benefit of the community, becoming young social entrepreneurs and helping social and cultural entities.

New Volunteers Project phases:
    • Willingness to participate: Down Lleida youth express their interest in the volunteering activity.
  • Training: Down Lleida intellectual stimulation is used to address the issue of volunteering. Some young people have participated in specific courses of volunteering through the Catalan Federation of Social Volunteering.
  • Programming: Leisure coach contacts organisations to find places for volunteers and offers them to the young people who can choose according to their preferences and qualifications for the task determined.
  • Implementation: Down Lleida youngsters and the volunteers from the entity perform the activity together as equals.
  • Evaluation: the participants undergo evaluation procedure at the end of the project.

  • The innovative character of the projects allows people with Down syndrome or intellectual disability to be involved in volunteering activities in order to seek social inclusion.

    In 2007, Down Lleida implemented a broader project, in which the direct beneficiaries were not only young people from the association, but boys and girls with Down syndrome and other intellectual disabilities, who performed voluntary actions and activities in other entities, associations, etc. in the city. This initiative began to move forward reinforced by the good results obtained in the socio-employment project in which part of the members of this group participated.
    New Volunteers

    Beneficiaries of the project:
    Young people with Down syndrome or intellectual disabilities who want to be volunteers.

    Project promoter:
    Down Lleida Association


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    What people say

    “The first day I felt something I had never felt before and decided I wanted to repeat. For me, volunteering is enjoying and sharing moments with them and see that, together, we are like any other gang of friends”.
    Iris Limones, volunteer

    “Equality, as if stereotypes are melted to enjoy every second. This is a small fragment of one of many feelings, sensations and things you learn, it is not easy to express in simple words, what makes volunteering so distinctive and meaningful. I have a physical disability and have been educated in a "normality" and now, for the first time doing volunteering, I have seen that this is really true”.
    Eric Solanes, volunteer