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Nota Bene

Nota bene It is estimated that there are about 10,000 - 15,000 homeless people living in Slovakia. The association Proti prúdu (Against the Flow) helps homeless people integrate into the society and raise awareness about homelessness since 2001.
The association issues a monthly street magazine Nota bene, which is sold by 350 vendors in 18 towns in Slovakia. Sale of the magazine gives them a possibility to get an income, self-esteem, social contacts and to develop working habits.

The magazine raises awareness of the public about homelessness and focuses on social and societal challenges out of interest of conventional media. It directly involves homeless people in shaping the magazine.
Since 2016, along with the magazine, books written by vendors are offered as additional products. They include fairy tales, photo books, stories, all of them being related to homelessness. They help to change the clichés of homeless people.
Nota bene Support of homeless people includes also counselling, access to computers, internet and telephone, correspondence address, contribution to cover medicaments, or pro bono lawyer assistance.

The new project of the association – The luggage porters - enables to offer a job to 10 homeless people, takes place at Bratislava central railway station. The luggage porters are selected vendors of Nota bene streetpaper. They wear easily recognizable uniforms. The luggage porter job helps twice. It helps passengers with heavy luggage overcome the obstacles (long stairs with no lift and escalators) and Nota bene vendors gain personally enriching employment and chance to repay their debts and help others.

Beneficiaries of the project:
Homeless people, general public

Project promoter:
Proti prúdu (Against the Flow)

Bratislava and 17 other towns in Slovakia

More information: