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One step ahead

The goal of the programme KROK VPRED (One step ahead) is to reduce a risks of injecting drug use and work in sex work. It efficiently fulfills the gap between primary and tertiary care about client. The contact workers work with active injection drug users and persons working in sex business.

The aims of the program are:
  • to reduce health and social risks of intravenous drug users via mobile terrain social work,
  • to reduce the number of repeating used and shared injections via distribution of sterile injections and other sanitary material so to eliminate the risk of blood transfer disease among the users,
  • to increase life quality of clients via social assistance and guidance,
  • to minimalize the number of unprotected sexual intercourse of drug users and persons working in sex business and so to decrease the risk of sexually transmitted disease,
  • to train new contact workers in order to secure continuity in terrain work,
  • to increase qualification and motivation of contact workers via regular training, self-study and supervision.

  • A part of the project is a magazine STORMík - which brings information about times, places and possibilities of services as well as articles on health, drugs and law. Clients can directly contribute their own stories, poems or drawings. Alternatively, they participate in the selection of current topics for future issues of the magazine.

    Beneficiaries of the project:
    Drug users, persons working in sex business, public

    Project promoter:

    Nitra, Sereď, Trnava

    More information:

    What people say

    “Our work is based on the philosophy of harm reduction, which aim is not to convince clients about full abstinence, but to teach them to behave responsibly towards themselves, their loved ones and their environment. It is so-called public health protection and reducing the number of free infectious syringes. Collection of used syringes is a way, how to avoid the risk of blood-borne diseases, such as hepatitis B and C, HIV.”