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Palazzolo Social Club

Palazzolo Social Club is a social enterprise project co-financed by Italian Department of Youth targeted to enhance the historical park of Palazzolo Acreide with the management of a social bistrot-pizzeria and the construction of an herbal garden. This project, called Palazzolo Social Club, is an initiative that aims to promote social economy and consumption of organic products made by local farmers and prisoner employed by our partner Cooperativa Sociale l’Arcolaio (

Palazzolo Social Club mainly offers the opportunity to eat high quality food from local farmers and from other social cooperatives. We use just organic food, local food, seasonal products, food and beverage made in prison with the support of other social co-operatives employing prisoners as a path of social inclusion. We also organise social activities and training course aimed to youngsters and families to raise consumer awareness and sensitivity or enhance creativity and self-entrepreneurship sense. As we take care of the entire area where the bistrot is located we are starting an herbal garden to foster the using of authentic and healthy herbs in the daily life.

2nd chance Made in Carcere

Beneficiaries of the project:
Women, workers, people with disability and health problems

Project promoter:
Dipartimento Gioventu della Presidenza del Consiglio dei Ministri


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What people say

"The satisfaction to work with people who have limits, they face them and they overcome them..."