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PYC - Palermo Youth Centre

PYC - Palermo Youth Centre
PYC is a social venture, the first self-financed youth centre in Palermo, run by 30 volunteers who contribute to make it the biggest Cultural Centre in southern Italy (3000 members in 2014). PYC is currently hosting a network of organizations that have the opportunity to carry out their initiatives in its spaces. PYC is a place open to whoever wants to be active in our society and increase his/her awareness on the issues that struggle especially our community.

The main project PYC launched in 2015 is the restoration of an historical public building located in one of the most beautiful park of Palermo, Villa Trabia. The project foresees, after the restoration, the opening of an other cultural centre and the activation of language, art and music courses and cultural events.

PYC - Palermo Youth Centre Beneficiaries of the project:
Young people, citizens

Project promoter:
Circolo Culturale Arci The Factory
CSF - Cooperazione Senza Frontiere


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PYC - Palermo Youth Centre

What people say

"After 2 years of activity and more than 3000 thousand members enrolled, we feel that the organisation has created something unique and not replicable, something that will leave an indelible sign, especially in the consciousness of those young people who have lived, are living and will live our community."