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The project of the association Inklúzia aims at supporting integration of people with mental disabilities on the labour market. The project helped to creat a sheltered workshop Radnička, a cafe in the old town of Bratislava, which provides a stable and meaningful work for people with disabilities. Radnička serves a café, there were organized workshops employers and companies, presentation of new activities, new products production programs. Radnička offers employment to six waitors with disabilities, who have received a special training and support to be able to develop their cereers and support their active participation in the society.
Radnička is a favourite place for organisation of press conferences, presentations, workshops, various events and cultural programs. It also offers catering for small receptions, refreshments during conferences, seminars and other events.

Once a year, Radnička market opens a space for presentation and sale of products of sheltered workshops and social service facilities on a square of the Old Town Hall. Visitors can see and buy handmade products made of clay, metal, paper, textiles, ceramics and wire created by disabilities, and taste cakes from workshops providing catering and cafeteria services. The professional jury assess their products and services, the best producers are awarded at the final ceremony. The aim of the market is make visible the work and activities of persons with disabilities and motivate employers and companies to take advantage of the opportunity to give employment to disabled people.

Beneficiaries of the project:
Disadvantaged groups in the labor market, especially people with mental disabilities

Project promoter:
Inklúzia (Inclusion)


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What people say

“Our main mission is to help people with disabilities to live in the community, so that they could come to work every day and find their place not only in sheltered workshops, but also in the open labor market. We want to present examples of good practice."
Viera Záhorcová, statutory