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Read-Over - Read-aloud clubs to overcome intercultural divide

The Read-aloud Clubs have been organized and managed directly by the participants, in this way the adult learners are involved in their learning path from the very beginning and feel committed and motivated in the learning events. The Read-aloud Clubs allow a powerful and empowering informal education that combines reading with other expressive methodologies like drama/role playing, “movieducation” (i.e. education through movies) and creative writing. The literature that is chosen for reading in a group, and that are base for possible dramatization and choice of movies, is specifically intercultural.
Read-Over - Read-aloud clubs to overcome intercultural divide
Aim of these reading circles is the development/empowerment of:
    • Basic skills such as literacy (spelling and grammar, reading and comprehension, writing), intercultural awareness, European citizenship (with a view to the European year 2013);
  • Soft skills such as communication, courtesy, interpersonal relationship skills, self-awareness and self-esteem, literacy and management of emotions, empathy, positive attitude, cooperation, proactivity, willingness to learn, motivation, problem solving.

  • English Access Microscholarship Programme

    Beneficiaries of the project:
    First target group is migrants and ethnic minorities; second target group adults with poor school qualification and other vulnerable adults. Indirect target group is educators working with the above mentioned adults as trainers, tutors, mentors, coaches, volunteers.

    Project promoter:
    Elan Interculturel is an independent association created for exploration and valorization of cultural diversity. Members of Elan Interculturel came to Paris from seven countries over three continents.
    Main objectives of Elan Interculturel are:
    • To create a better understanding of how diversity affects our life
  • To raise awareness of the resources inherent in diversity
  • To develop tools, that individuals have a better experience of cultural or cross-cultural transitions

  • To reach our objectives we do trainings for professionals working in intercultural situations or individuals living cross-cultural transition or in cultural contact zones. We participate in collaborations and pilot projects to develop new methods and tools. Finally, we undertake research in intercultural and social psychology aiming at a better understanding of intercultural dynamics.

    English Access Microscholarship Programme Since its creation Elan Interculturel provided intercultural trainings to approximately 1000 people, organized an international seminar about diversity and creativity, participated in four Grundtvig Learning Partnerships and four multilateral partnerships on the theme of intercultural dialogue and adaptation.

    Paris, France

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    What people say

    “(This is) a strong and motivating opportunity for improving literacy, intercultural competences, soft skills, with the further purpose of empowering social inclusion and active participation as citizens of the hosting country and the wider Europe.”
    The Read-Over partnership, extract from their brochure