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Espèces de boucs - Sort of scapegoat

To name a person to be a “scapegoat” is repeating exclusion and stigmatisation behaviors which persist in our societies. Individually or collectively, this phenomenon is one of the causes of feelings of injustice and it awakes hate and violence. Being a scapegoat, focusing on what disturbs us and what we’re blaming the other for, allows us to stand back and laugh about our own angers.

The scapegoat workshops raise awareness and prevents exclusionary behaviors and stigmatization in a non-stigmatizing framework through development of imagination and creativity.

This project combines a play (“Le chameau, le lion, le léopard, le corbeau et le chacal”, adaptation of “The Camel and his friends” by Bidpaï), with a debate, a writing workshop and a theatre workshop.

Beneficiaries of the project:
Young people from 11 to 18 attending middle schools

Project promoter:
Compagnie Peanuts is working since its creation in 2007, to explore the mechanisms of violence and exclusion through theatrical plays and readings, and cultural projects.

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What people say

“Are scapegoats necessary to our society ? Are they pieces of the mecanism that regulates the natural violence in each individual and each society? This is the disturbing question we ask our young public, and paradoxically, they seem way more realistic than adults in aknowledging this phenomenon.Rather than saying prejudices are wrong, we try to show our audience they are in everyone and very hard to avoid completly.Talking about them is a better way to detroy them them than hiding them guiltily. This is what this show is about.”
Magdi Réjichi, actor and director
English Access Microscholarship Programme - Exhibition and meeting with the photographer Sandra Calligaro