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Suited in depth

Suited in depth The Universidad de Alicante continuisly focuses on integration through sport as is seen in the "Adaptados en profundidad" project, a diving project adapted for disabled young people in the province, based on scuba diving. Underwater section of the University of Alicante (ASUA), is the promoter of this initiative that allowed 25 young people with mental disabilities to benefit from this experience.

The initial phase of the project was carried out for four months by ASUA hand diving instructors. The first sessions took place in the pool at the University of Alicante. The activity aimed to establish itself as a continuing program of Diving Adapted in order to integrate different groups of disabled people in the province of Alicante. During the 2014-2015 campaign, the activity prolonged until June, the period initially defined from November to February, saw the possibility of been expanded for 4 months by increasing the number of sessions.

In 2016, the organization has increased its activity, surpassing the number of beneficiaries from the previous year. They are currently working with 7 associations linked to UPAPSA, and in total they have scheduled 18 sessions of adapted diving which will benefit more than 50 people with intellectual disabilities.

Suited in depth Similarly, the organization has been preparing a parallel activity for the summer to transfer the activity from the pool to the sea. They have currently being negotiating with the city of Alicante in order to obtain the necessary means for the implementation of the project.

The project is linked to previous actions implemented by ASUA and the Federation of Underwater Activities of Valencia (F.A.S.C.V.). In July 2013, the FASCV organized in collaboration with ASUA and the University of Alicante, the 2nd training course for divers and specialized instructors in Adapted Diving in the province of Alicante, with the participation of twenty people between divers and instructors. Later, ASUA organized the first day of Adapted Diving with a group of more than 15 young visually impaired from the organization ONCE. In November 2013, the first contact between ASUA and those responsible for UPAPSA took place, from which has emerged this initial collaboration program.

Suited in depth Beneficiaries of the project:
25 youngsters with psychical disability

Project promoter:
The Department of Underwater Activities from the University of Alicante


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The main objective of the project, according to the instructor and coordinator of ASUA , Enrique Díaz, is
"that the youngsters discover an activity which, with little adaptations, can be accesible to any person independently from his/her condition".