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Our refugees – Sun in the hand

The project focuses at young refugees, without their parents company and the closest family in Slovakia. They stay in an orphanage in the central Slovakia. These are children who have overcame traumatizing experience in the country of origin, dangerous journey through different countries. Above all, their situation is complicated due to language barrier, lack of financial resources, lack of information and permanent threat from smuggling groups.

The aim of the project is – via workshops, social and psychological intervention and guidance – to contribute to better provision of information, their ability to handle crisis situations, better adaptability to a new environment and creation of positive relations. The project also aims to motivate more active participation of orphanage employees, which influence, to a great extent, not only integration, but also decision making and behavior of young refugees.

Our refugees – Sun in the hand

Beneficiaries of the project:
Young refugees

Project promoter:
Slovak Humanitarian Council - a voluntary centre of humanitarian and charity organizations, civic associations and foundations working in social area. These organizations provide assistance and help, services, care, guidance activities and organize various activities focused at socially disadvantaged and handicapped people. SHC Council executes managerial, methodological, coordination and information service for voluntary organizations, which are umbrelled by this organization.


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What people say

"„… we inform the public about our activities, provide people information that also live among us refugees who deserve respect and attention. We visit schools, where we give lectures about refugee and talk with students about positive and negative aspects of life these people daily face."
Newsletter 11/2012

“Cultural diversity is enriching. Thanks interpenetration of cultures in human history, new values have originated and human society has moved forward. The most advanced countries in the world today are multicultural countries in which cultural elements complement each another.”

"People leaving their country and their loved ones flee from persecution, repression and violence that prevents them from living a full life in their own country."