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Trajec(s)tories. See your rights, show your life

The project aims to create an event to raise awareness on discrimination and social exclusion, through the use of a road exhibition with art installations that represent the “life courses” of a group of people (we will call them stakeholders) belonging to categories on risk of discrimination, prejudice and forms of exclusion. In the exhibition we will show biographical experiences that start from different social and cultural levels as well as various lifestyle choices, sometimes conscious sometimes not, linked by the current social context (the city of Turin). Each single important and significant event in the “life course” is analyzed in connection with past events, the emotional sphere, personal and social frames and considering the impact on future decisions and the rest of the “life course”.

Our refugees – Sun in the hand

The project is divided into five steps:
Step I: identification of the stakeholders (at least 20 people) (3 months);
Step II: research and analysis of “life courses” of the stakeholders (6 months);
Step III: construction of art installations and information material with the support of artists and graphics (3 months);
Step IV: art installations exhibition in public places (such as squares, parks, university, etc.), workshops and laboratories with different kinds of spectators (groups of young people, general public, public servants, etc.) and distribution of information materials (5 months);
Step V: final evaluation (1 month) and follow-up.

Beneficiaries of the project:
Citizens, migrants

Project promoter:
Agenzia Nazionale Giovani


More information:

What people say

"People were happy to have the opportunity to express themeselves in a safe enviroment, thanks to this they benefit of a self-empowerment process. After taking part in the project, a girl who was suffering an oppressive enviroment in home took the decision to move out to London where she studies and works."