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With Inclusive Science

The main objective that this project was to bring to educative reality an unique inclusive experience in Comunidad Autónoma. This activity consisted of organization of scientific experiments of crystallography with students from an educative center of special education joined with students from an ordinary educational center and directed by university students.

Suited in depth
The main objectives are following:
    • To contribute to the learning of students with disabilities, through the approach of scientific concepts and processes of practice and experiential way,
  • Influence the inclusion of people with intellectual disabilities, as part of the Spanish society through approach of science and (dimensions of social inclusion and rights) participating in activities with all kinds of people,
  • To provide a significant practice in the field of educational inclusion to the future teachers of the Faculty of Education and Social Sciences of La Salle,
  • To develop a pilot project that encourages creativity and contributes to methodological innovation and exchange of experiences between professionals from different fields,
  • To demonstrate the importance and omnipresence of different types of crystals in everyday life.

  • The project has involved professionals from different centers.

    The team designed and adapted experiments with the help and advice of the coordinating teachers from different centers. They also completed the initial training of students of the Faculty of Education and Social Sciences of La Salle with the coordinators and teachers involved and coordinated counseling activities.

    The coordinators of the various centers involved have been responsible for carrying out the activities in their respective centers, as well as work the theoretical and practical concepts with their students, carrying out final two joint workshops which brought together 15 students from the Faculty of Education and Social Sciences of La Salle, 55 students AFANIAS Center Studio 3 and 55 students of Ramón y Cajal Center.

    Suited in depth Beneficiaries of the project:
    Students with or without intelectual disability

    Project promoter:
    Studio 3 Afanias College, Universitary School of La Salle, College Ramón y Cajal, with the encouragement and funding of the Spanish Royal Society of Chemistry, so there are several professors from the faculties of DC Chemical of the Complutense and Autónoma de Madrid Universities


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